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ABAP definicja alert monitor (BW-BEX). Co znaczy displaying exceptions whose threshold values have.
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Definicja alert monitor (BW-BEX)

Co znaczy:

A monitoring tool for displaying exceptions whose threshold values have been exceeded or have not been reached. The critical exceptions are found in background processing with the help of the reporting agent. They are then displayed in the alert monitor as a follow-up action. Exceptions are displayed in the BEx Analyzer as well as in the reporting agent scheduler of the Administrator Workbench. Exceptions can also be displayed as an alert monitor in a Web application.

Significance in BEx Web applications:

Web item that displays the query views, which were found in background processing (with the help of the reporting agent) as a list or hierarchy in a Web application. You can jump between query views and see at a glance conspicuous key figure values that deviate from the defined threshold values. You can also set filters.

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