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ABAP definicja allocation run. Co znaczy apparel and footwear industry necessitates an optimized.
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Definicja allocation run

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The unique situation in the apparel and footwear industry necessitates an optimized assignment of existing stock to open sales order requirements. When there is a stock shortage, for example, the allocation run ensures an automatic assignment of the available stock to the open requirements according to your business requirements.

Unlike the availability check, which merely makes temporary assignments between requirements records and (future incoming) stock elements, the allocation creates a fixed assignment between the requirements record and batch stock (available in the warehouse). You can only undo this assignment manually.

The allocation run is a process based on rules. You can use settings for the stock/requirements sorting or release of the allocation to decide when each individual requirement should be processed and with which priority. By doing so, you can make sure that orders from very important customers are handled with high priority, for example.

You must carry out the allocation run in the AFS system: A sales order requirement cannot be delivered until an allocation run has already released it.

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