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ABAP definicja application scenario. Co znaczy with a unique technical key, represents an.
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Definicja application scenario

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The application scenario, with a unique technical key, represents an application created using the Manager's Desktop framework.

This framework supports the visualization and modification of hierarchical structures and objects. The screen layout of an application created using this framework is divided into a left and a right screen area. The left screen area contains a function tree with a hierarchical arrangement of the available functions. The right screen area is the area of responsibility, containing a hierarchical arrangement of objects to which functions on the left can be applied.

An application scenario consists of all the theme categories available to a user on the user's desktop, together with the non-executable subcategories and executable functions (reports, transactions, and so on) of each theme category that are hierarchically arranged as a function tree.

You can increase the number of theme categories, subcategories, and executable functions by defining function codes.

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