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ABAP definicja data archiving. Co znaczy processes that is no longer relevant for current day-to.
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Definicja data archiving

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Data about completed business processes that is no longer relevant for current day-to-day activities is removed from the database using data archiving and stored in archive files outside the database. You can still access the archived data using the system.

Data archiving is used to reduce the system's workload. The reduced quantity of data in the database tables shortens the program runtimes, for example, an analysis, but also the duration of administration tasks such as backing up, restoring, or performing a release upgrade.

Data archiving is performed in a three-step procedure:

The data is read from the database on the basis of logical selection criteria and written to an archive file. The completed archive file is then stored in the file system or on a storage system (if this is set in Customizing). The archive file is read and the data marked for deletion in the datbase is deleted.

Note: If desired, you can store the archive file only after the deletion.

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