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ABAP definicja decentralized Warehouse Management system. Co znaczy Warehouse Management system.
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Definicja decentralized Warehouse Management system

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Stand-alone decentralized Warehouse Management system (decentralized WMS), which not only allows you to store and manage goods in a warehousing complex, but is also capable of independently handling the receipt and distribution of goods.

Therefore, the decentralized Warehouse Management system (WMS) provides all the functions needed to create the link between internal and external logistics.

The decentralized WMS is linked to an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. Users can interface the WMS with an SAP system or any ERP system. In both cases, the ERP system and the Warehouse Management system can run on separate computers.


When used for the distribution of goods, the WMS is not linked to a production plant. All business processes, including quantity-based inventory management, are carried out in the ERP system whereas the decentralized Warehouse Management system is responsible for goods receipt, storage and distribution.

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