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ABAP definicja demand influencing factor occurrence. Co znaczy influencing factor (DIF) is when a.
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Definicja demand influencing factor occurrence

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An occurrence of a demand influencing factor (DIF) is when a concrete external DIF occurs or there is a change to its value. This occurrence always pertains to a particular period of time and a particular quantity of locations/products that are subject to this event or its change in value.


DIF 'Christmas' occurrences could be 'Christmas 2001', 'Christmas 2002' and 'Christmas 2003'. DIF 'vacation' occurrences could be 'Easter vacation 2002', 'summer vacation 2002' and 'Easter vacation 2003'. DIF 'promotion' occurrences could be 'T-shirt promotion - spring 2002', 'soft ice promotion - summer 2002' and 'boots promotion - fall 2002'. DIF 'sales price' occurrences could be 'special discount for product ABC' and 'price increase for product XYZ'.

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