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ABAP definicja distribution chain. Co znaczy structuring sales in a retail company A distribution.
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Definicja distribution chain

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Organizational unit for structuring sales in a retail company

A distribution chain is made up of a sales organization and a distribution channel.

Many retail companies use different sales channels to sell to their customers, including store-based retailing, wholesale and Internet selling. In the case of store-based retailing, stores can belong to different chains, which have a common look and feel, a common assortment and common goods presentation but which target different groups of customers. SAP Retail reflects these different sales channels by means of distribution chains.

In addition to the marketing aspect, distribution chains are used in conjunction with sales area data to control logistics processes.

Distribution chains are also important for sales pricing. It is not only possible to determine sales prices for an individual site or customer but also for an entire distribution chain.

Distribution chains also have an important role as structuring characteristics for reporting on sales.

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