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ABAP definicja element (BC-SRV-RM). Co znaczy is integrated in Records Management. An element is.
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Definicja element (BC-SRV-RM)

Co znaczy ELEMENT (BC-SRV-RM):

An item of information that is integrated in Records Management.

An element is the smallest unit in Records Management. It can be integrated in the record, but can also exist in Records Management without being assigned to a record. Elements can be created within Records Management, or can originate from other SAP applications.

SAP przykład użycia ELEMENT-BC-SRV-RM pomoc. Jak działa element-bc-srv-rm kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Element-Bc-Srv-Rm w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji element-bc-srv-rm w klasie.

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