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ABAP definicja geographical unit. Co znaczy size of an area that can be used in a variety of.
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Definicja geographical unit

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Neutral description of the size of an area that can be used in a variety of contexts to provide a geographical structure for sales and distribution of publications.

The postal structure of a country serves as the basis for forming geographical units. Geographical units reference postal codes, cities or streets or street districts.

One or, more commonly, a combination of geographical units can have a number of uses. The most important of these is to form carrier routes, but geographical units are also used in other contexts, for example to define the geographical area for which the organizational structure is responsible.

A geographical unit can be used in several contexts simultaneously. Geographical units can vary in size and detail based on the postal structure.

For example, the following are all geographical units:

New York City John F. Kennedy International Airport Broadway 1000 to 1100 Broadway Broadway from house number 1101

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