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ABAP definicja global percentage bidding. Co znaczy procedure used for procuring external services.
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Definicja global percentage bidding

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A competitive bidding procedure used for procuring external services.

In global percentage bidding, Purchasing specifies prices for services and provides descriptions of the services. Service descriptions and prices are sent to bidders as individual requests for quotations (RFQs).

Bidders indicate whether they can do the work for more or less than the rates estimated by Purchasing by submitting quotations showing a percentage addition to or deduction from the specified prices. This percentage addition or deduction is quoted for each group of services (outline level) or for all services.

The global percentage system simplifies the maintenance of service specifications.

Because the service descriptions in the bidders' quotations usually do not vary, and only the percentage addition or deduction needs to be entered in the quotation, Purchasing has less work to do than in the case of standard RFQ and quotation processing.

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