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ABAP definicja handling markup. Co znaczy price in a stock transfer between two company codes.
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Definicja handling markup


Part of the internal transfer price in a stock transfer between two company codes representing the handling costs (e.g. costs of transport or picking merchandise in a distribution center). The internal transfer price of the issuing plant corresponds to the purchase price of the receiving plant.

This internal purchase price is determined in warehouse orders using a special calculation schema. The use of handling markups enables handling costs to be included in inventory valuation and the costs incurred allocated to the cost generator.

A handling markup is defined in the ERP system as a planned markup in Pricing. It can be included in the internal transfer price as follows:

Internal transfer price calculated beforehand

You can calculate the internal transfer price in Pricing before transferring the goods. A condition record is created for the transfer price. This condition record is retrieved by the system when you create a warehouse order and used as the internal purchase price.

Price calculated at the time of order

If you do not want to calculate the internal transfer price before you transfer the stock, you can have the system calculate it when you create a warehouse order based on the valuation price (i.e. the moving average price). The purchase price for the receiving plant is the sum of the valuation price and the planned markup.

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