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ABAP definicja hierarchy framework. Co znaczy to program applications for visualizing and modifying.
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Definicja hierarchy framework


A SAP basis development used to program applications for visualizing and modifying hierarchical structures and objects.

The interface layout of an application created using the hierarchy framework is divided into a left and a right screen area. On the left side of the screen is the object manager. On the right there is a one-line period area, an overview area, and an optional detail area.

The object manager can be seen as "permanent entry help." It lets you search for objects, for example organizational units, positions, people, and cost centers, and display the search results. You can process objects from this group of search results.

Detailed information on an object is displayed in the detail area on tab pages. In the overview area, the object is shown in its hierarchical surroundings, although different views on the hierarchical surroundings are possible, depending on the object type.

An example of an application created using the hierarchy framework is the Organizational Management interface.

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