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ABAP definicja ISDN access. Co znaczy the Integrated Services Digital Network . Basic access.
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Definicja ISDN access

Co znaczy ISDN ACCESS:

Subscriber's access to the "Integrated Services Digital Network".

Basic access

Consists of two bearer channels (B-channels) at 64 kbit/s and a data channel (D-channel) at 16 kbit/s (2B+D), and is connected via a two-wire line. A maximum of 8 terminal devices can be connected via 12 existing S interfaces to the connection bus (S-bus), which is up to 150m long.

Primary rate access

Consists of 30 B-channels, a synchronization channel and a data channel (D-channel, 64 kbit/s).

SAP przykład użycia ISDN-ACCESS pomoc. Jak działa isdn-access kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Isdn-Access w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji isdn-access w klasie.

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