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ABAP definicja Master Parts List. Co znaczy technical object in the context of maintenance, repair.
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Definicja Master Parts List

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iPPE reference structure of a technical object in the context of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) processes in the airline industry. It enables maintenance of parameter effectivity and variant configuration. A Master Parts List (MPL) can, for example, contain all relevant data of an aircraft or engine Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC). It can contain structural information as well as information on all allowed parts that can be installed in various locations on the object.

For configuration checks within the 'Configuration Control' component, an actual configuration is linked to the Master Parts List for the relevant technical object. This makes comparisons possible.

The part of the MPL that is used in a configuration check to verify the actual configuration is called the 'Allowed Configuration' in the SAP System.

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