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ABAP definicja merchandise-driven flow-through. Co znaczy The merchandise is picked in the.
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Definicja merchandise-driven flow-through

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Special form of flow-through. The merchandise is picked in the distribution center using a distribution order. Once the transport equipment (e.g. a pallet) is full, a delivery is generated for the contents.

With recipient-driven flow-through, on the other hand, deliveries are generated before picking.


A pallet of red wine arrives at goods receipt. When the goods receipt isposted, a distribution order is generated automatically for the pallet. This is printed in the form of a distribution list. Someone in the warehouse brings the pallet to the distribution zone, where there is a pallet containing other merchandise for each store.

Using the distribution list, the workers distribute the boxes of red wine to the pallets e.g. 6 boxes to pallet 1 (Boston store), 4 boxes to pallet 2 (Cambridge store) etc. Once a store pallet is full, a delivery is entered for it in the system. The pallet is then sealed and transported to goods issue.

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