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ABAP definicja message (BC-DOC). Co znaczy information, an instruction, or a warning online to.
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Definicja message (BC-DOC)

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A message presents information, an instruction, or a warning online to users in a given situation. It should also provide help to users when an error occurs.

The system generates messages in response to what users do in the SAP system.

A message consists of a message short text that the system displays automatically at the bottom of the screen, as well as a message long text that the user can call up to get more detailed information. Message long texts do not exist if the "Self-explanatory" indicator has been set for a message.

There are several types of messages:

Information messages Success message (message type S) Information message (message type I)

An information message says what the system has done, but does not affect what the user does next.

Warnings Warning message (message type W)

A warning message notifies the user of a problem. Processing stops when a warning message appears. Users can be required to correct something, or they can continue without taking action.

Errors Error message (message type E) Abnormal end message (message type A)

An error message describes an error, without providing technical details about the system. It tells users to change something or do something before continuing.

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