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ABAP definicja MetaDimension. Co znaczy business object or concept. This description consists of.
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Definicja MetaDimension

Co znaczy:

Complete description of a business object or concept. This description consists of several items of information, the MetaFields. Each MetaField is part of the key that specifies the MetaDimension technically and in full, or the MetaField is an attribute, a further characteristic of the MetaDimension.

Together with their relationships, MetaDimensions and MetaFigures constitute a MetaStar.


The PAY_RESULT MetaStar includes the wage type MetaDimension. The key belongs to the wage type. For example, part of the key is /101 and the other part of the key is country grouping 01 for Germany.

The long text and short text attributes belong to the wage type.

The amount and number MetaFigures also belong to the PAY_RESULT MetaStar.

Objects that belongs to a MetaNet:

MetaStar MetaDimension MetaField MetaFigure

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