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ABAP definicja mix. Co znaczy creation or enhancement of multi-store orders, by which stores and.
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Definicja mix

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The principle during the creation or enhancement of multi-store orders, by which stores and order items of the MSO document are put in relation to one another.

With the help of the mix you uniquely enter how many stores respectively have a share in each schedule line of an order item. The number of stores per mix serves the system as a factor for the calculation of the actual material quantity to be provided for each schedule line and, based on that, for each item.

The entry of at least one mix is a prerequisite for a transfer from stores to a multi-store order, independent of whether the transfer occurs manually or automatically.

One store must be unique per mix. It can, however, have a share in several different mixes in the same MSO document.

The mix can also be used to structure an MSO document.


In an MSO document two different mixes 001 and 002 can be used, to which the same material A is assigned respectively in the form of a separate item. In mix 001 only large stores are combined that are assigned greater material quantities for each schedule line/store. In mix 002 smaller stores are combined with a correspondingly smaller material quantity per schedule line/store.

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