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ABAP definicja mode (SCM-APO-MD). Co znaczy used to execute an activity in Production Planning and.
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Definicja mode (SCM-APO-MD)

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Set of resources that are used to execute an activity in Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling.

The activity occupies the resources in the mode simultaneously.

A mode contains a primary resource and (optionally) several secondary resources. In Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling there are special scheduling functions available for primary resources, for examlple, block planning or setup time optimization.

You define the data in the mode that the system uses to schedule the activity, for example, the net duration of the activity or the resource utilization. One of the resources in the mode serves as a calendar resource whose working and non-working times are decisive in scheduling the activity.

Several modes can be assigned to an activity. When scheduling and rescheduling orders, the system selects the mode according to mode priority and requirement date. In the Detailed Scheduling planning board, the mode can be selected manually using drag and drop.

Modes for activities in which relationships between the modes exist can be linked together. Mode-linked activities cannot be scheduled onto a mode independently of each other: If the mode is set for an activity, it is also set for the activity to which a time relationship exists. Possible linkage types are linkage by identical mode names and linkage by identical primary resources. The activities of an operation are always linked by identical primary resources; that is, the activities for an operation are always executed on the same primary resource. The secondary resources for the activities of an operation can, however, be different.

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