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ABAP definicja multilevel ATP check. Co znaczy the multilevel ATP check, the ATP check is called.
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Definicja multilevel ATP check

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Function of Global ATP.

In the multilevel ATP check, the ATP check is called from the SAP R/3 sales order (SD), for example, for the end product. Depending on the production time that has been set, the BOM explosion is triggered within the ATP check. The BOM is exploded gradually, taking configuration that possibly exists into account. The component requirements are then checked in accordance with the basic methods that are configured in the check instructions. This process may be carried out over all BOM levels.

The following functions are supported:

Scope of check in the product availability check Check against forecast Rules-based ATP check (product substitution and location determination at component level)

In contrast to Capable-To-Promise (CTP), in the multilevel ATP check, no receipt elements are created in the liveCache order network during the check. Receipt elements are only generated later via a conversion of the ATP tree structure in PP/DS.

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