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ABAP definicja navigator. Co znaczy allows the automatic selection of an item from a list based on.
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Definicja navigator

Co znaczy NAVIGATOR:

The Navigator is a tool which allows the automatic selection of an item from a list based on a natural language description. It is a language-independent tool (although some limitations may apply for some languages). It has the following basic functions:

Query solving

A query is a natural language description in which users describe the item they want to pick. The query could be a description of an action they want to perform if the list consists of navigation items. The tool rearranges the list of items according to a score that reflects the degree of association between the description and the item.


During the learning process, the Navigator associates terms (words) with items in a list (such as menu items).

The Navigator differentiates between the following ways of learning:


This is when the input consists of a list containing more than one description and item ID to which the description is to be associated.


After a query is passed to the Navigator, and the user picks one of the items from the results list, the system learns from the user interaction, enabling it to retrieve this information again (that is, the query text and the picked item).

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