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ABAP definicja network (SCM-BAS-DF). Co znaczy and their links. A network can extend across more.
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Definicja network (SCM-BAS-DF)


A number of related documents and their links. A network can extend across more than one business process.

Several related links consistitute a network, which documents one (or more) business process(es).

Within a network, a predecessor can have several successors, and a successor can have several predecessors.

SAP przykład użycia NETWORK-SCM-BAS-DF pomoc. Jak działa network-scm-bas-df kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Network-Scm-Bas-Df w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji network-scm-bas-df w klasie.

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