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ABAP definicja object manager (PA). Co znaczy the left screen area of an application created using.
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Definicja object manager (PA)

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An object that constitutes the left screen area of an application created using the hierarchy framework, and is divided into a search area (top) and selection area (bottom).

The object manager is comparable to a permanent input help function, and is used to display and manage search results. It lets a user search for objects such as organizational units, positions, persons, and cost centers, and to create search variants.

The user can view the search results.

The user can change the width of the object manager in relation to the screen area of the transaction, and the relative size of the search and selection areas.

The object manager is part of transactions assigned to Personnel Management, such as transactions belonging to Organizational Management, Training and Event Management, and Personnel Administration. It is also part of other components and products, such as CRM.

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