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ABAP definicja OLAP reporting. Co znaczy multidimensional data sources (InfoProvider). OLAP.
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Definicja OLAP reporting

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Reporting based on multidimensional data sources (InfoProvider).

OLAP reporting allows you to analyze several dimensions at the same time (for example, time, place, or product). The aim of OLAP reporting is to analyze key figures, such as for an analysis of the sales figures for a certain product in a particular time period. The business questions that you have about this product in this period are formulated in a query. The query includes the key figures and characteristics that contain the data that is necessary for analyzing or answering your questions. The data is displayed in a cross-classified table and is the starting point for a more detailed analysis to answer a number of different questions.

A range of interaction options, such as sorting, filtering, swapping characteristics, recalculating values and so on, allows you to navigate flexibly through the data during the runtime.

In the BI system you can analyze the data in the following areas of the Business Explorer:

In the BEx Analyzer In BEx Web applications In the BEx Web Analyzer

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