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ABAP definicja one-dimensional versioning. Co znaczy used to store aggregates that were generated.
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Definicja one-dimensional versioning

Co znaczy:

Versioning schema that is used to store aggregates that were generated from results that use the 'single versioning with reversal' versioning schema.

The 'one-dimensional versioning' versioning schema is used only within aggregation levels. The validity of results is not externally affected here. The versioning key consists of the internal ID and the timestamp only.

If a result does not yet exist, a result data header is created in which the internal ID is stored. Then the system creates a new version that is valid as of the timestamp that is used.

If the result already exists, the system creates a new version and stores its data. The version that is valid at this point in time is updated because its validity ends with the timestamp of the new version.

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