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ABAP definicja open purchase order quantity. Co znaczy order item that is to be delivered. The open.
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Definicja open purchase order quantity

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The quantity of a purchase order item that is to be delivered.

The open PO quantity is calculated as follows:

Open PO quantity = ordered quantity - quantity delivered to date

If the complete PO quantity or more has been delivered, the open PO quantity is zero.


You ordered 100 boxes (bx) of screws from your vendor Miller Corp. on 08.24.2000.

Your vendor delivers the ordered screws as follows:

Date Qty. deliv. Total qty. deliv. Open PO qty.

08.24.2000 80 bx 80 bx 20 bx

08.28.2000 20 bx 100 bx 0 bx

On 08.24.2000, Miller Corp. delivers 80 boxes of screws. The open PO quantity in respect of your purchase order for 100 boxes of screws is 20 bx. On 08.28.2000, Miller Corp. delivers a further 20 boxes. The open PO quantity is now 0 bx.

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