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ABAP definicja Unicode Conversion. Co znaczy existing non-Unicode system to Unicode: System Copy.
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Definicja Unicode Conversion


Process of converting an existing non-Unicode system to Unicode: System Copy which includes the conversion of all character data from the non-Unicode system to Unicode.

Major steps:

Consistency Check and preparation of the database tables in the non- Unicode system (transaction SPUMG) Export of non-Unicode database during which the system copy tool uses the results of SPUMG to convert the character data Installation of new Unicode system Import of database files which have been exported from the source system Completion tasks in the Unicode system

There are two distinct types of Unicode conversions depending on the code page configuration of the non-Unicode system:

Single Code Page conversion MDMP conversion

There are two upgrade procedures which include a Unicode conversion:

Combined Upgrade ; Unicode Conversion (CU;UC) Twin Upgrade ; Unicode Conversion (TU;UC)

SAP przykład użycia UNICODE-CONVERSION pomoc. Jak działa unicode-conversion kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Unicode-Conversion w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji unicode-conversion w klasie.

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