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ABAP definicja validity period (PE-LSO). Co znaczy and years in which participation in a course.
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Definicja validity period (PE-LSO)

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The period of time in months and years in which participation in a course type is valid as a prerequisite for participation in another course.

Prerequisites for course participation are represented by qualifications and by course types. Participation in course types is considered a qualification. The validity of such qualifications can expire in the same way as the validity of other qualifications or skills.

When the validity period expires, the relationship between the participant and the course type becomes invalid. This relationship is created during follow-up processing for the course.


The validity period of qualifications and course types is not related to the validity period of objects and infotype records that defines the period of time during which an object or record exists. This information is stored with the object or infotype including a start and end date.

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