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ABAP definicja valuation variant. Co znaczy Planning, that determines the prices that the SAP.
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Definicja valuation variant

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A key, in Product Cost Planning,

that determines the prices that the SAP System selects to valuate the quantity structure of a material cost estimate or order, or to valuate the costing items of a unit cost estimate.

The valuation variant controls how the materials and activities in the cost estimate are valuated. The valuation variant specifies the following parameters:

The price in the material master (such as the standard price) or in the purchasing info record (such as the net order price) that is used to cost a material in the BOM The planned or actual price that is used to valuate the internal activities The version in Cost Center Accounting that is used to valuate internal activities The costing sheet that is used to calculate overhead Whether, and to what extent, a BOM item or an operation in the routing is relevant to costing

The different valuation strategies for materials, internal activities, external activities, and subcontracting are stored as strategy sequences.

A global valuation variant is valid for all plants. A local valuation variant is valid only for a specific plant. You define valuation variants in Customizing for Product Cost Controlling.

In Cost Object Controlling, there is a valuation variant that can be used for the valuation of work in process at target costs and for the valuation of scrap variances.

In this valuation variant, you specify the cost estimate that is used to calculate the target costs.

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