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ABAP definicja value/quantity contract. Co znaczy the services and spare parts for an agreed.
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Definicja value/quantity contract

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A service contract in which the services and spare parts for an agreed service package are restricted to a specific quantity, or a specific value.

This contract is also known as 'service contract (quantity/value)'. Service contracts (quantity/value) include service quantity contracts and service value contracts.

Customers can release service products from the product list of a service package as required, whereby they can select any quantity or value. The service employee uses the release list to track which service products are released, and in what quantities.

Example: A customer has 20 photocopiers in use and has agreed a standard service with the manufacturer to include 10 inspections per year. The customer can release one inspection of a device as required, or release some, or all inspections at once, if for example, 10 of the copiers in use have to be checked at the same time.

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