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ABAP definicja version (FIN-SEM-BCS). Co znaczy consolidation with different: Data categories.
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Definicja version (FIN-SEM-BCS)

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Enables the parallel consolidation with different:

Data categories (actual, plan, target, etc.) Accounting principles (e.g., US GAAP, IAS, German HGB) Valuations Simulations

A consolidation area can have one or more characteristics with the role "version".


You use one characteristic with the role "version": Here the version separates the different accounting principles and also the data categories. You use two characteristics: one has the role "version" (for the data categories Actual, Plan), and one has the role "accounting principle/valuation".

A version is characterized by a combination of characteristics.

Special versions are assigned to each combination of version characteristics. SAP delivers special versions, for example, for data entry and currency translation methods. You can use special versions to define different versions without causing redundancy -- they merely differ in one or several areas, but otherwise reference the same special versions.

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