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Ytdytg-Analysis-Crm-Ana; Yield-Ratio; Yield-Index; Yield-Curve-Type-Is-B; Yield-Curve-Type-Fs-Ba-Sd.
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SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) to system informatyczny służący do zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem. SAP składa się z wielu różnych aplikacji i modułów, które umożliwiają zarządzanie różnymi obszarami działalności przedsiębiorstwa, takimi jak finanse, księgowość, samochodziarstwo, zasoby ludzkie czy logistyka.

  • SAP Table Y Co oznacza Table for assigning the SID of the characteristic to the SID of the navigation attributes for the characteristic (for
  • SAP Module Content Yahoo Co oznacza An object existing on a Yahoo! Internet-based server, accessible to My Yahoo! and Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions customers
  • SAP Solutions Enterprise Yahoo Co oznacza A business endeavor initiated and run by Yahoo! Inc. SAP Enterprise Portal enables the display of iViews that deliver
  • SAP Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions server Co oznacza A server run and managed solely by Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions, which provides the dynamic and up-to-date content that
  • SAP Iview Yahoo Co oznacza A Yahoo! content module that is imported from Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions into the portal content repository. Content
  • SAP Group Module Yahoo Co oznacza Category defined by Yahoo! that organizes Yahoo! content modules into manageable groups, based on a common identity or
  • SAP Ym Le Yard Co oznacza An enclosed area outside of the warehouse. A yard can be a: Physical yard in which vehicles are being processed
  • SAP Ewm Scm Yard Co oznacza Enclosed area outside the warehouse where vehicles and transportation units are processed and are ready to be processed
  • SAP Activity Yard Co oznacza Any planned or executed action in the yard. Examples Checking in/out Loading/unloading Scheduling
  • SAP Bin Yard Co oznacza Storage bin in the yard, for example, a parking space, checkpoint, or door
  • SAP year of cash effectivity Co oznacza One year or years in the time horizon for which planned revenues are due or expenditures are carried out. Normally
  • SAP Loss Of Year Co oznacza One of the additional account assignments for insurances; it denotes the year in which the loss occurred. The year is
  • SAP Manufacture Of Year Co oznacza Year in which the vehicle was manufactured
  • SAP Date To Year Co oznacza The period of time from the beginning of the fiscal year (for example, January 1st) to the current date
  • SAP Transfer Year Co oznacza A function designated for transferring data at the end of a fiscal year in companies that do not work with a multi
  • SAP End Year Co oznacza Pertaining to any payroll process that occurs at the end of a calendar year
  • SAP year-end adjustment (PY-JP) Co oznacza An annual income tax adjustment, which is processed at the end of year
  • SAP year-end adjustment (PY-KR) Co oznacza Adjustment payroll run to calculate the tax amount for the year by comparing the total prepaid tax amount of the year
  • SAP year-end balance for BL accounts Co oznacza The reduction to zero of the account balance for a certain account group at the end of a fiscal year. By doing so, the
  • SAP Closing End Year Co oznacza An annual balance sheet and profit and loss statement, both of which must be created in accordance with the legal
  • SAP Settlement End Year Co oznacza A settlement type that lets you settle investment orders that are not yet closed at year's end to assets under
  • SAP Valuation End Year Co oznacza A description of a layer version for LIFO valuation at the end of a fiscal year
  • SAP Payment Advance Yearly Co oznacza Payment that a customer makes a year in advance for a service to be rendered by the utility company. In most cases, the
  • SAP Profit Gross Yearly Co oznacza Sum of consistently attainable income from rental and leasing of an object. For calculating gross revenue, the typical
  • SAP Participation Of Years Co oznacza Years of participation in to a MPF/ORSO plan. It includes years of participation in a previous plan and the current
  • SAP Service Of Years Co oznacza Includes the Years of service for previous employment and Years of service for current employment. It is a factor used
  • SAP Yellow List pharmaceutical database Co oznacza This contains detailed information on drugs in Germany. It is used by insurance companies during benefit checks, for
  • SAP Rating Yellow Co oznacza One of the three possible results of either a check performed by the Service Session Workbench or a complete service
  • SAP Pc Co Yield Co oznacza A quantity that is not scrap
  • SAP Pp Yield Co oznacza For a material that is produced in-house, this is the quantity of the material that meets the quality requirements
  • SAP yield curve (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM) Co oznacza A summary of reference interest rates (grid values), including the determination of the interest calculation method
  • SAP yield curve (FS-BA-SD) Co oznacza A curve created from a set of reference interest rates with different terms. Each yield curve has its own unique
  • SAP yield curve (IS-B-RA) Co oznacza A list of reference rates for different maturities, and for a particular currency. The reference interest rate
  • SAP Structure Curve Yield Co oznacza Yield curve type to which a currency has been assigned. The yield curve structure, being a framework of reference
  • SAP yield curve type (FS-BA-SD) Co oznacza Means of grouping together yield curves of the same type but with a different currency. Example: Government bond curve
  • SAP yield curve type (IS-B) Co oznacza Framework in which the grid points are reference interest rates. The yield curve type is defined by the assignment of
  • SAP Index Yield Co oznacza Designates a yield ratio based on land qualites in relation to ground water
  • SAP Ratio Yield Co oznacza The quantity relationship between the yields (materials) created during the execution of a process order
  • SAP YTD/YTG analysis (CRM-ANA) Co oznacza An analysis used by sales managers and sales representatives to monitor the development of the actual sales data

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