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ABAP definicja business data context. Co znaczy storage area in the Interaction Center (IC.
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Definicja business data context

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A virtual, central data storage area in the Interaction Center (IC) WebClient.

The BDC stores data that may be used by different views. It does not store random data such as hit list results. It can contain references to Business Object Layer (BOL) objects or to Business Object Repository (BOR) objects, provided that they are wrapped by a special BOL object. Programmers must predefine the objects they want to use in the context of the BDC. In their programs, they can only store or retrieve objects that are defined.

Functions such as scripting can use the BDC to copy data from the current interaction into various processes. The BDC can also be used during navigation to transfer the name of the source view and the selected object to the target view of a navigational link.

The lifetime of the BDC is linked to the interaction: The system refreshes the BDC after each interaction at end contact.


An agent confirms a customer name. The confirmed customer is stored in the BDC, and its attributes can be retrieved by scripts.

When the script was written, the text reads:

Good afternoon, [Customer Name], can I ask you a few questions?

When the agent runs the script, the system substitutes values from the BDC. The script appears on the agent's screen as follows:

Good afternoon, Mr. Harvey Smith, can I ask you a few questions?

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