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Jak użyć MAKEDBM? Definicja w konsoli will take a text infile and convert it to a gdbm database.
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Uruchomienie, wykonanie: makedbm [options] infile outfilemakedbm [option]

Jak działa, co robi: NFS/NIS command. Create or dump an NIS dbm file. makedbm will take a text infile and convert it to a gdbm database file named outfile. This file is suitable for use with ypserv. Each line of the input file is converted to a single record. All characters up to the first TAB or SPACE form the key, and the rest of the line is the data. If a line ends with ;, the data for that record is continued onto the next line. The # character is given no special treatment. infile can be -, in which case the standard input is read.

makedbm generates two special keys: the YP_M*ER_NAME key, which is the value of the current host (unless another name is specified with -m), and the YP_L*_MODIFIED key, which is the date of infile (or the current time if infile is -)

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie: -a

Add support for mail aliases.


Insert YP_INTERDOMAIN key into map. This indicates that ypserv should fall back to DNS lookups when a host's address is not found in NIS.


Send a YPPROC_CLEAR signal to ypserv, causing it to clear all cached entries.

-i file_name

Create a YP_INPUT_NAME key with the value file_name.


Convert keys of the given map to lowercase.

-m master_name

Specify the value of the YP_M*ER_NAME key. The default value is the current hostname.


Don't enforce NIS size limits for keys or data.

-o file_name

Create a YP_OUTPUT_NAME key with the value file_name.


Treat lines beginning with # as comments. Do not include them in the datafile.


Add the key YP_SECURE, indicating that ypserv should accept connections to the database only from secure NIS networks.

-u filename

Undo a gdbm file: print out a dbm file, one entry per line, with a single space separating keys from values.

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