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Jak użyć CSPLIT? Definicja w konsoli sections in files named xx00 through xxn (n < 100), breaking.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć csplit

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: csplit [options] file arguments

Jak działa CSPLIT, co robi CSPLIT: Separate file into context-based sections and place sections in files named xx00 through xxn (n < 100), breaking file at each pattern specified in arguments. See also split

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie CSPLIT: -

Read from standard input.

-b suffix, --suffix-format=suffix

Append suffix to output filename. This option causes -n to be ignored. suffix must specify how to convert the binary integer to readable form by including one of the following: %d, %i, %u, %o, %x, or %X. The value of suffix determines the format for numbers as follows:


Signed decimal.


Same as %d.


Unsigned decimal.






Same as %x.

-f prefix, --prefix=prefix

Name new files prefix00 through prefixn (default is xx00 through xxn).

-k, --keep-files

Keep newly created files even when an error occurs (which would normally remove these files). This is useful when you need to specify an arbitrarily large repeat argument, {n}, and you don't want an out-of-range error to cause removal of the new files.

-n num, --digits=num

Use output filenames with numbers num digits long. The default is 2.

-s, -q, --silent, --quiet

Suppress all character counts.

-z, --elide-empty-files

Do not create empty output files. However, number as if those files had been created.

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