zoom zone type zone zero based co to jest
Zoom-In-And-Out-Ep-Km; Zone-Type; Zone; Zero-Based-Budgeting-Method; Zero-Stock-Check; Zero-Spread.
Znaczenie zoom zone type zone zero based definicja.

Lista pojęć związanych z SAP'em na Z

  • SAP Zero Administration Co oznacza A concept that simplifies the technical configuration within the AS Java by removing all system-dependent settings from
  • SAP zero balance account Co oznacza An account that remains empty due to transfers of funds from or to a master account at the close of each business day
  • SAP zero bond Co oznacza Bond for which no interest is paid during the term. The interest revenueis included in the redemption rate. Zero bonds
  • SAP zero bond discounting factor (FIN-FSCM-TRM-TM) Co oznacza An instrument to calculate net present values of cash flows. Zero bond discounting factors are calculated using entries
  • SAP zero bond discounting factor (IS-B-RA) Co oznacza Discounting instrument which is used to discount movements in a payment flow at the same valuation time
  • SAP zero bond interest rate Co oznacza The interest rate of a zero bond. A zero bond makes no payments until maturity, at which time a single payment is made
  • SAP zero clearing Co oznacza The clearing open items in one account or several accounts, but where no clearing postings are required
  • SAP zero item Co oznacza Item generated during goods-receipt-based invoice verification when the delivered quantity is completely returned. When
  • SAP zero profit center Co oznacza A special profit center to which indirect costs or revenues are written. If costs and revenues cannot be allocated
  • SAP zero quantity Co oznacza Function in a BOM so that the system does not create any components for a certain SKU
  • SAP zero spread Co oznacza The spread for a zero interest rate (as opposed to a par interest rate
  • SAP zero stock check Co oznacza A check or inventory procedure used to increase the accuracy of stock figures. If a storage bin becomes empty after a
  • SAP zero-based budgeting method Co oznacza Budget that is created on the basis of planned data, particularly on the basis of simulated planned costs and
  • SAP zone Co oznacza A physical location in a site dedicated to a specific function, such as general storage, work center, pick-up and drop
  • SAP zone type Co oznacza Classification of a zone. The following zone types exist: P - postal code zone D - direct zone R - region zone L - leg
  • SAP zoom in and out (EP-KM) Co oznacza The act of focusing on a specific area of Unifier project iPanel by redisplaying the iPanel with the selected toolbar

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