lt viewer xstep value co to jest
Xxl-List-Viewer-Bc-Ci; Xxl; Xstep-Value-Assignment-Symbol; Xstep-Process-Instruction; Xstep.
Znaczenie lt viewer xstep value definicja.

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SAP (Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing) to system informatyczny służący do zarządzania przedsiębiorstwem. SAP składa się z wielu różnych aplikacji i modułów, które umożliwiają zarządzanie różnymi obszarami działalności przedsiębiorstwa, takimi jak finanse, księgowość, samochodziarstwo, zasoby ludzkie czy logistyka.

  • SAP Table X Co oznacza Table for assigning the SID of the characteristic to the SID of the navigation attribute for the characteristic (for
  • SAP Icc Window X Co oznacza X-Window Inter-Client Communication. X-Window ICC allows messages and data to be exchanged between various X-Window
  • SAP Xbrl Co oznacza An acronym for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. XBRL is an information standard for businesss reporting based on
  • SAP Xhtmlb Co oznacza BSP extension delivered by SAP Extended library for HTMLB
  • SAP Routing Xi Co oznacza Attribute-based recipient determination. Individual objects are sent without the recipient being known. XI performs
  • SAP Administrator Xiep Co oznacza A standard role provided inside the xIEP application. An administrator can configure the processes as well as
  • SAP Xml Co oznacza Extensible Markup Language XML is a developed subset of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) for
  • SAP Check Xml Co oznacza A function used in XML Data Archiving. XML check is a general term that refers to the parsing or validation of XML
  • SAP Package Data Xml Co oznacza XML representation of a document that is compatible with XFA-processing applications. In particular, XDP provides the
  • SAP Configuration Device Xml Co oznacza Device-specific configuration file for the XML form module. The file configures how the output gets generated
  • SAP Analysis For Xml Co oznacza A protocol specified by Microsoft for exchanging analytical data between client-applications and servers using HTTP and
  • SAP Module Form Xml Co oznacza Part of the Adobe document services. The primary function of this module is to render a form into Portable Document
  • SAP Architecture Forms Xml Co oznacza A set of technologies developed by Adobe. XML Forms Architecture allows the definition of a paper or electronic form
  • SAP Builder Forms Xml Co oznacza A tool for defining forms used in form-based publishing. To define a form, you specif a data scheme (XML template) and
  • SAP Iview Xml Co oznacza An iView in the portal which receives its data in an XML-coded format. Standard or customized XML transformers convert
  • SAP Wizard Iview Xml Co oznacza Enables a content administrator to create an iView that retrives its input source in an XML format in the portal
  • SAP Replenishmentorderconfirmation Message Xml Co oznacza Message type for confirmations of replenishment orders sent via the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI
  • SAP Replenishmentordernotification Message Xml Co oznacza Message type for replenishment orders sent via the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI
  • SAP Interchange Metadata Xml Co oznacza XML Metadata Interchange XML-based standard format for exchanging metadata between UML-based modelling tools and MOF
  • SAP Language Path Xml Co oznacza Language for addressing parts in an XML document
  • SAP Object Schema Xml Co oznacza XML schema file that has been added to a repository's XML schema table on the MDM Console
  • SAP Xmlformatter Co oznacza Formats log records as XML elements
  • SAP Administrator Xpd Co oznacza A role that makes configuration settings
  • SAP Xrfc Co oznacza XML format for the transmission of remote function calls (RFC). Formerly called RFC-XML
  • SAP Xsf Co oznacza XML for Smart Forms
  • SAP Sheet Style Xsl Co oznacza A stylesheet created using Extensible Style Language (XSL) The XSL stylesheet is used on XML documents. It specifies
  • SAP Transformation Xsl Co oznacza Program written in XSLT for transforming XML documents. XSL transformations of the Repository are edited using the
  • SAP Xslt Co oznacza XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation, makes the conversion of XML formats into other
  • SAP Program Mapping Xslt Co oznacza Mapping program that is implemented in XSLT (EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations
  • SAP Component Xstep Co oznacza Part of an execution step. XStep components can be process instructions, process messages or scopes of generation, for
  • SAP Context Xstep Co oznacza Context that you can specify when defining XSteps. The XStep context specifies, for example, whether an XStep should be
  • SAP Editor Xstep Co oznacza Environment in which XSteps, standard XSteps, and XStep process instructions are defined
  • SAP Generation Xstep Co oznacza Automatic generation and valuation of XSteps. When defining XSteps and standard XSteps, you can specify particular
  • SAP Parameter Xstep Co oznacza Parameter, which you can use to define the contents of XSteps, standard XSteps and process instructions. Parameters act
  • SAP Instruction Process Xstep Co oznacza Process instruction that is created in an XStep. In contrast to characteristics-based process instructions, you define
  • SAP XStep value assignment symbol Co oznacza Symbol, which can be used to automatically assign a value to an XStep parameter. If a value is to be assigned
  • SAP Xxl Co oznacza EXtended EXport of Lists. A tool used to download XXL list objects such as spreadsheets from the R/3 System to PC
  • SAP XXL List Viewer (BC-CI) Co oznacza A tool used to configure Microsoft Excel for display and processing of R/3 application data. The XXL List Viewer

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