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Jak użyć SYSKLOGD? Definicja w konsoli syslogd and klogd functionality. By default, it is meant to.
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Komenda/polecenie: Jak użyć sysklogd

Uruchomienie, wykonanie: syslogd [options]

Jak działa SYSKLOGD, co robi SYSKLOGD: System administration command. sysklogd provides both syslogd and klogd functionality. By default, it is meant to behave exactly like the BSD version of syslogd. While the difference should be completely transparent to the user, sysklogd supports an extended syntax. It is invoked as syslogd.

sysklogd logs system messages into a set of files described by the configuration file /etc/syslog.conf. Each message is one line. A message can contain a priority code, marked by a number in angle brackets at the beginning of the line. Priorities are defined in <sys/syslog.h>. syslogd reads from an Internet domain socket specified in /etc/services. To bring syslogd down, send it a terminate signal. See also klogd

Dostępne opcje, wywołanie SYSKLOGD: -a socket

Add socket to the list of sockets syslogd listens to.


Turn on debugging.

-f configfile

Specify alternate configuration file.


Forward messages from remote hosts to forwarding hosts.

-l hostlist

Specify hostnames that should be logged with just the hostname, not the fully qualified domain name. Multiple hosts should be separated by a colon (:).

-m markinterval

Select number of minutes between mark messages.


Avoid auto-backgrounding. This is needed when starting syslogd from init.

-p socket

Send log to socket instead of /dev/log.


Receive messages from the network using an Internet domain socket with the syslog service.

-s domainlist

Strip off domain names specified in domainlist before logging. Multiple domain names should be separated by a colon (:).


Print version number, then exit.


Disable domain name lookups for remote messages.

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