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ABAP definicja cash concentration (FS-AM-IM-CC). Co znaczy that credit or debit accounts in an.
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Definicja cash concentration (FS-AM-IM-CC)


Creation of payment orders that credit or debit accounts in an account hierarchy.

The goal of the cash concentration is to keep the balances of the participating accounts within certain limits at defined times. The main account (root account) at the top of the account hierarchy takes the superfluous balances of the other accounts or clears any lack of coverage there.

The cash concentration can either be run for a single master contract, or for a certain number of master contracts in a mass run.


A cash concentration can, for example, be used to specify that an account is to always have a certain minimum balance. Alternatively, it can be used to specify that the credit on an account is to be transferred at the end of each month to another account, for example, an investment account.

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