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ABAP definicja request (SRM-EBP). Co znaczy purchasing organization to one or more suppliers to.
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Definicja request (SRM-EBP)

Co znaczy REQUEST (SRM-EBP):

An invitation from a purchasing organization to one or more suppliers to state whether they can supply a particular service.

No price negotiations occur in the context of the request. The price must have been negotiated in advance through a contract. The request relates principally to the availability of a service and it can precede the ordering of the service.

SAP przykład użycia REQUEST-SRM-EBP pomoc. Jak działa request-srm-ebp kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Request-Srm-Ebp w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji request-srm-ebp w klasie.

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