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ABAP definicja valuation (CO-PA). Co znaczy identifying or calculating cost accounting values in.
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Definicja valuation (CO-PA)

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A valuation is the process of identifying or calculating cost accounting values in Profitability Analysis.

You can valuate both plan and actual data.

There are the following basic methods of valuation:

Valuation using conditions and pricing procedures -

Conditions can be used to calculate values that are needed for reports (such as stepwise contribution margin analyses) but that are not known at the time of posting. This enables you to determine values such as sales commission, discounts, rebates and shipping costs to evaluate a sale at the time of billing.

Valuation using material cost estimates -

This method enables you to determine the cost of goods manufactured when a transaction is updated in Profitability Analysis. For example, you can compare the revenues and sales deductions taken from a billing document with the variable and fixed cost components for the cost of goods manufactured of the product sold.

Valuation using user-defined valuation routines -

If you require values that cannot be found using one of the other methods, you can also program your own valuation routines.

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