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Definicja balance subobject category

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Defines how the balance subobject is used.

Balance subobject categories are defined by SAP. The balance subobject category differentiates between the following uses of balance subobjects:

MAIN (Main Part)

Every balance object type must have a balance subobject type. This is where the most important characteristics and key figures can be found, in particular credit/debit relevant key figures.

CURR (Currency Leg)

Currency legs are processed separately in foreign currency processing. They can have a multiplicity greater than one (that is, two balance subobjects of the same type, for example, balances in USD and balances in EUR, are attached to one balance object). Credit/debit relevant key figures can exist for this type of balance subobject.

MULTI (Multiple Part)

To be used for other multiply occurring balance subobject types that are not edited in terms of the foreign currency concept (for example, statistical key figures).

OTHER (Other Part)

All other balance subobject types.


As with MULTI but not edited until postprocessing.


As with OTHER but not edited until postprocessing.

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