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ABAP definicja cash control (IS-R). Co znaczy Retail Store. Cash control is used for entering.
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Definicja cash control (IS-R)

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Internet Application in SAP Retail Store.

Cash control is used for entering different business transactions that involve the cash stock in a store. It is also used for comparing the cash stock data that has to be transferred via the POS interface to the ERP system with the data determined in a count (day-end or shift- end closing).

Cash paid out and cash paid in also belong to the business transactions that are relevant to cash control. Cash is generally paid out when there are smaller bills to be paid for running the store. This could be bills for cleaning work or postage costs. Cash paid in could involve a late payment from a regular customer that was entered in the system previously as cash paid out.

The second group of business transactions for cash control includes bank deposits where cash is taken from the safe in the store and paid in at the bank.

In the function for cash stock in cash balancing, the data created in the system is compared with the cash stocks that were counted. Foreign currencies, checks and credit card transactions carried out manually and based on manual documents - in addition to the cash stocks in the local currency of the store - are all included in this function. If there are differences between the system data and the count, adjustment postings are triggered for the accounts concerned in Financial Accounting.

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