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ABAP definicja characteristic (EC-CS). Co znaczy structuring data. Characteristics in SAP.
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Definicja characteristic (EC-CS)

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A classification for structuring data.

Characteristics in SAP Consolidation include consolidation unit, financial statement item, and fiscal year. Characteristics can be subdivided as follows:

Global parameters of consolidation - Dimension, version, fiscal year, period, consolidation chart of accounts, and ledger Organizational units - Consolidation unit, consolidation group, partner unit, and investee unit Financial statement item (FS item) Subassignments of an FS item - Subitem, year of acquisition, custom subassignments Attributes of characteristics - for example, country is an attribute of a consolidation unit Other characteristics - for example fiscal year, posting level

Except for the attributes, all characteristics are used for the structuring of transaction data. Thus, the key characteristics are the key fields in the transaction databases ECMCT (totals database) and ECMCA (journal entry or line item database). The valid characteristic values of a characteristic are carried in the SAP system as master data.

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