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ABAP definicja check object. Co znaczy Account Management system can make when posting a payment.
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Definicja check object

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A grouping of checks that the Account Management system can make when posting a payment item online or via a BAPI to determine any material checks or formal checks to which posting control can be applied.

The check objects that are to be run can be defined per transaction type in Customizing. The formal check object is run for every posting.

If a check fails, the Account Management system responds in accordance with the posting control rules.

Example Check object: Notice on amount Check object: Own check Check object: Formal (checks for existence of account, date, and total lock) Check object: Account possting (checks for transaction types/media locks) Check object: Account names (checks for direct debit order and account holder) Check object: Limit Check object: Plan monitoring Check object: Overdraft protection Check object: Value date / subject to final paymnet Check object: Access limit Check object: Prenote Check object: Payment monitoring Check object: Payment form management

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