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ABAP definicja license agreement. Co znaczy which typically covers several films, for the.
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Definicja license agreement

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A contractual agreement, which typically covers several films, for the exhibition of program material in which a distributor (licensor) grants a broadcaster (licensee) the right to telecast either a specified number or an unlimited number of showings over a maximum period of time (license period) for a specific fee. Ordinarily the fee is paid in installments over a period generally shorter than the license period. The licensee pays the required fee whether or not the rights are exercised. If the licensee does not exercise the contractual rights, the rights revert to the licensor with no refund to the licensee. The license period generally is not intended to provide continued use of the film throughout that period but rather to define a reasonable period of time within which the licensee can exercise the limited rights to use the film.

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