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Jak użyć MTOOLS? Definicja w konsoli filesystems, especially for accessing files on floppy disks.
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Jak działa MTOOLS, co robi MTOOLS: A collection of tools for working with MS-DOS files and filesystems, especially for accessing files on floppy disks without mounting them as Unix filesystems. The various commands are mattrib, mbadblocks, mcat, mcd, mcopy, mdel, mdeltree, mdir, mdu, mformat, minfo, mkmanifest, mlabel, mmd, mmount, mmove, mpartition, mrd, mren, mshowfat, mtoolstest, mtype, and mzip.

For the purposes of mtools, all MS-DOS file names begin with a drive letter and colon, followed by the path. mtools accepts both / and for directory separators. For example, an MS-DOS file might be referred to as a:/directory/subdirectory/file.txt. If you use the backslash or any standard Unix wildcards or special characters, put the filename in quotation marks.

FAT filesystem filenames are normally a maximum of eight characters long with a three-letter extension, and are not case-sensitive. Even in the more recent VFAT system, which does preserve case sensitivity, two files with the same letters in their names, regardless of case, cannot coexist. Unix filenames that are too long, that use reserved characters (; + = [ ] ' , " * < > / ? : or |), or that conflict with MS-DOS devices (PRN, for example) are converted to VFAT names. This means replacing reserved characters with an underscore (_) and shortening files as needed, replacing several characters with a single tilde (~)

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Definicja Translate to and from MIME multimedia mail-encoding formats. By default, mimencode reads standard input and sends a base64-encoded version of the input to standard output co to jest.
Co znaczy :
Definicja Change the ability of other users to send write messages to your terminal. With no options, display the permission status definicja.
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Definicja MS-DOS file or directory within a single filesystem. If no drive letter is specified for the target file or directory, the source drive is assumed. If no drive letter is specified for either the co znaczy.
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Definicja słownik.
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Definicja especially for a disk image on a remote floppy accessed through the floppyd tool. See cat and mtools for more information. The only option accepted, -w , accepts data from stdin and writes it to the znaczenie.

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