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Definicja distribution resource planning

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The objectives of Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) in the SAP system are to:

Provide an accurate requirements plan for manufacturing Optimize the distribution of available stock in the distribution network using the deployment function.

The deployment function in DRP lets the user take appropriate action when the system detects a stock shortage or surplus based on the demand requirements and the available to deploy (ATD) quantity. The stock shortage or surplus is calculated by the DRP runs. The Deployment run then uses one of the following:

Algorithms for "fair share" distribution when demand exceeds supply, the user chooses a fair share rule in MRP 4 of the material master record "Push," "pull," or a combination of "pull and push" distribution when supply exceeds demand, the user chooses a push distribution method in MRP 4 of the material master record

DRP improves customer service levels by anticipating customer demand at distribution centers and providing finished products at the correct location when customer needs arise.

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