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ABAP definicja number range (CA-GTF). Co znaczy can assign to business objects (or their sub.
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Definicja number range (CA-GTF)


A range of numbers that you can assign to business objects (or their sub-objects) of the same type.

Examples of such objects are business partners, G/L accounts, orders, posting documents and materials.

Each number range has one or more number range intervals and a number assignment type.

There are the following types of number assignment:

Internal -

When storing a data record, the R/3 System assigns a sequential number, which lies in the relevant number range interval.

External -

The number is assigned by the user or by an external system, both of which must ensure that the number lies in the relevant number range interval.


Domestic business partners -

Number range 01, number range interval 100,000 - 199,999, internal assignment

Foreign business partners -

Number range 02, number range interval 200,000 - 299,999, external assignment

SAP przykład użycia NUMBER-RANGE-CA-GTF pomoc. Jak działa number-range-ca-gtf kod programu ABAP. Wykorzystanie kodu Number-Range-Ca-Gtf w programie funtion module SE37. Obsługa funkcji number-range-ca-gtf w klasie.

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