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ABAP definicja original order (IS-MP). Co znaczy of a combined order Operations, partial sequences.
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Definicja original order (IS-MP)

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Production order that is part of a combined order

Operations, partial sequences, or complete sequences that this order has in common with other orders are combined to form a new order ("combined order") using the order combination function.


A paper manufacturer receives an order from one customer for five pallets of paper size A4, and an order from another customer for seven pallets of paper size A1. Both customers want paper of quality 120g/m2, woodfree, white.

The actual production process for the paper is the same in both cases, the paper merely needs to be cut to different sizes. As a result, the production operations for the paper can be combined for these two orders.

In this example, both of the production orders that were created for the two orders from the customers are original orders for the combined order.

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